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We help brand to save cost for photoshooting from producing wholesale women's clothing with us.

In women fashion business, catchy image plays a major role in 1st impression and purchase behavior conversion. Thus, photo shooting service is not limited in nice photos only. Furthermore, it has to showcase the brand characteristics and level.

Whether you are a professional brand or just a small boutique, whether your segment is high-end or women casual outfits, you know you can rely on us. At Viet Sourcing, we have all kinds of photo shooting services that you need from professional lookbooks to flat lay. You can choose a model that matches your brand style from our team of top promising models. We also bear in mind the latest trend in women fashion photography so that the final result of photo shooting exceed your expectation. 

All photos are exported in high-resolution format for multi-purpose usage afterward. You can use the women fashion photos for online activities such as social media posts, advertisements, mini-games, etc. For offline activities, you can freely use our high resolutions images to design and print catalogs, standee, shop signage to even big street billboards.

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