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Sample Development

Providing Everything You Need


As an expert in woman fashion manufacturing, we truly understand that sometimes gaps do exist between your idea and the finished women casual outfits. That is why we have tailored a detailed and careful process to bridge the gap.

At the stage of Sample Development, 5 steps are carried out as follows:


  1. Fabric sourcing

  2. Pattern making

  3. Sample making

  4. Sample inspection

  5. Shipping to you for approval.


This rigid process aims to ensure the sample showcases the language of your brand personalities.

With our minimum quantity requirement and affordable cost for Sample Development, you will receive what you want before placing a large order of women fashion manufacturing.


We highly recommend you prepare in advance your requirement in clothes for women’s manufacturing as detailed as possible. Below are some questions that you should have in mind:  
• Which segments does for brand focus on? Women casual outfits or high-end ones?
• What is your priority – price, quality, or the capacity to execute large orders on short notice?
• What is the quantity of clothes for women you want to produce?
• How much is your estimated cost?
• Have you already developed any women fashion sketches or prepared similar images?
• Do you prefer any kind of fabric or do you have your tailored one?
• Do you have your planned date of sample delivery and whole production?
Of course, we know that your requirements may vary, so do not hesitate to discuss with our team should you have any further inquiries.


Sample Development Terms

Grab the chance to get 100% sample production cost refunded! Only at Viet Sourcing! 
Applied for all orders exceeding $40,000.

The sample production is stated in three steps:


  1. Creating a sample

  2. Editing a sample

  3. Shipping

Stage 1: In the initial step, we work with you in detail to create samples that are closest to your concept. Please provide us with as much information as possible to generate the most satisfactory outcome.
Don’t worry if you do not have much expertise in women clothing production. Our experienced consultant will assist you in each step.

Step 2: The fabric used for the sample is our material recommendation for mass production. Designs or colors can be checked later to see whether things work since they are all accessible in our warehouse. Please keep in mind that if the sample is merely built from a sketch or a single photo, the final fit may not perfectly match your expectations.
Feel free to let us know if there are any small modifications needed. We will discuss with you case-by-case to figure out the final sample approval.
If you need another revision, you will be charged an extra $40/item plus shipping charges. If any mistake is on our side, the charge is on us.

Step 3: The sample fee for women clothing production starts at $40 per item, including material procurement, pattern making, sample production. Sample shipping will be quoted accordingly the volume of number samples, normally 2pcs sample will be 1kg standard for $20, 5pcs sample will be $35. We hope you understand that pattern making is the major work that takes most of our time and effort. That is why pattern making is charged the same as retail price making. The shipping sample fee will depend on the volume of sample package. One more time, don't forget that Viet Sourcing refund the sample charge if the order is above $40,000!

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